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LNG OneWorld is owned by Drewry Shipping Consultants, it provides the industry professionals with rich and in-depth coverage on the LNG value chain for over a decade. LNG OneWorld’s subscriber base includes oil & gas majors, shipowners, shipyards, terminal operators, traders, risk managers, analysts, and industry leaders.

30 Nov 2015:
Engie delivers first LNG cargo to Beijing Gas Group:
Engie’s first LNG cargo for Beijing city unloaded in Chinese Caofeidian terminal, aiming to contribute to Beijing city’s gas demand during the winter season.  Full News....

Our database covers all key data relating to LNG markets, keeping you up to date with trends, projections and opinions on global markets. In boardrooms across the world, decisions are based on data procured from reliable sources. Our extensive database ranges from terminals to shipping to LNG contracts and much more which helps you in better decision making.
Liquefaction costs fell from around $350 per tonne of annual capacity in the 1980s to $200 per tonne of annual capacity during the early 2000s. Since then, prices have touched new highs, with quotes now typically in excess of $1,000 per tonne. A point in case is the Queensland GLNG project in Australia which was sanctioned in early 2011.

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