Woodfibre LNG environmental assessment certificate (EAC) amendment application approved

Woodfibre LNG announced that its application to amend its environmental assessment certificate (EAC) for the construction and operation of the Woodfibre LNG project has been approved. The EAC was originally granted on October 26, 2015. Woodfibre LNG Limited applied to amend its EAC in early 2017 to address proposed design changes to the Woodfibre LNG Project.

The proposed design changes were the result of the Squamish Nation selection of air cooling as the cooling technology for the Project as well as ongoing front-end engineering design (FEED) work.

The design changes include:

  • Changing from seawater cooling to air cooling of the plant,
  • Upgrading an existing intake on Mill Creek rather than constructing a new intake and,
  • Short-term use of water from Woodfibre Creek during construction.

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