Renergen secures permit for South African LNG plant

Renergen announced that it has received a positive environmental authorisation or record of decision (RoD) on Tetra4’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) by the Petroleum Agency of South Africa (PASA) on 29 September 2017, a process which has taken over two years and involved multiple rounds of public participation.

Tetra4 has also announced that it will become the first company to produce LNG in the country and among the first to sell LNG locally, resulting in significant financial savings to the end-user. Gas in liquid form overcomes the challenges of size and weight of vessels to hold the gas as well as the high pressures associated with the gas.

South Africa has seen calls for less dependence on coal as a source of energy over the years. Lower use of coal will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and less demand will lessen environmental risk in various industries across the country. By pursuing the production of LNG, Renergen has taken the first step in the development of energy in South Africa.


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