Alaska Gasline Development files applications to develop Alaska LNG Project

The Alaska Gasline Development has filed an application to obtain a Natural Gas Act Section 3 permit with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for its Alaska LNG project.

FERC is the federal agency that authorizes siting, construction, and operation of LNG export projects, and will lead the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) review process. The agency will prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) for the project as well as coordinate permit applications with other federal agencies. Advancing the project through the federal environmental process will reduce the permitting risk and provide surety to project investors, financiers, and customers. FERC will soon publish a schedule for the NEPA process in the federal register that outlines the time to develop a draft EIS (likely 12 months) and a final EIS (another 6 months). The outcome of this NEPA process will be a FERC order that authorizes AGDC to construct the Alaska LNG project.

The project is an integrated gas infrastructure development with three major components: a gas treatment plant located at Prudhoe Bay, an 800-mile pipeline to Southcentral Alaska with up to five offtakes for in-state use, and a natural gas liquefaction plant in Nikiski to produce LNG for export.

The project liberates 35 tcf of proven natural gas resources stranded on the North Slope. The gas pipeline will provide Alaskans with access to lower-cost, clean energy for residential and industrial use. Additionally, the liquefaction plant will be authorized to process 20 mtpa of LNG per year for export, which will provide revenue to the State of Alaska for generations.


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